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It’s Not Financial Rocket Science

Is your goal managing or eliminating risk?

The question facing most people planning for retirement is where to invest or deposit their funds.  The stock market has generally performed well when looking at long-term results, but volatility can be a dangerous part of that decision.  Safe and secure choices such as bank products may not offer enough return.  I am just like you, I have faced these decisions with confusion and with difficulty.

I finally found an avenue that for me seems to make a lot of sense.  I decided to let an insurance company hold my funds that were designated as Safe and Secure, funds that must be there at retirement time.

I bought a Fixed Indexed Annuity for several reasons.  The product has no market exposure, it has a guaranteed minimum return, it has the opportunity to gain above the guarantees, and every year, the gain is locked into the guarantee side.  The feature that attracted me most though was income.  At any time I can convert my funds to income that I can not ever outlive.

If your goal is eliminating risk and providing guaranteed retirement income for your lifetime and the life of your spouse, I can show you how to customize a portion of your current portfolio with strategies that will give you the peace of mind needed to enjoy your retirement years.  Using combinations of income techniques offered in guaranteed financial products that complement each other, you may be able to achieve your specific goal. This is not financial rocket science from some unproven investment theory.

I’m talking about innovative insurance companies with products that offer the value of safety and provide versatility.  Even in the toughest times of economic downturn faced by American and global concerns, these types of companies have enjoyed steady growth and stability while perpetuating their financial strength and covering all contractual obligations. Their focus is on the long-term disciplined and conservative strategy that has instilled trust and confidence in those that depend on them to do what’s right.

This approach offers:

  • Principal Protection
  • No exposure to market risk
  • Accumulation Potential
  • Guaranteed Retirement Income
  • The potential for retirement income to increase 

In the past 15 years we have had two disastrous market drops that could have been hazardous to creating a sustainable retirement income, wouldn’t now be the best time to take a portion of your portfolio to optimize your income plan? Consider creating a plan to meet your needed retirement income goals.  You can do what I did, I decided to trust an insurance company and deposit my important funds in a Fixed Indexed Annuity.

My advice is to allocate a portion of your retirement nest egg to a worry-free financial product that creates the opportunity to benefit when the markets perform well, locking in annual gains that can’t be lost and steady during years of decline.  This certainly creates a solid foundation for your retirement planning.

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