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That period between which something happens or exists. It is measurable, meaningful, and rules our daily lives, each second, minute, hour, and day…usually kept track of via a time instrument, a watch, a clock, or a calendar. Virtually everything is a measurement of time. Time can be in periods, past, present, or future times. Periods of history are related to times, such as in "Lincoln's times, "… a time of sorrow, bad times, good times, and a moment in time.

A period that an employee is paid for, a rate of speed at which one works, timing is a beat or tempo in music, athletic competition is timed. Time can be a precise instant, a moment something begins or ends, the time to get up, the moment of birth, the moment of death.   Time can be a favorable, unfavorable, proper, suitable, or convenient time to act. Every moment that ever has been or ever will be is in time, the entire period of existence of the known universe or humanity. A system of measuring duration, solar time, Central time, Pacific time, in a time zone, and having Father time watching over us are all references to time. 

We can be ahead, on time, behind time, or late. We can lose time and gain time; we work and are paid on a time card by a time clock. We can be time-honored, be a timekeeper, or take a timeout. We can be out of time with a time limit. We can be in a Timocracy, in Plato's time, a state in which love of honor and glory was the guiding principle of the Rulers. In Aristotle's time, a condition in which political power is in direct proportion to property ownership. So time is immemorial, happening so long ago as to be forgotten or vague. But to all of us today, time is the essential thing in our lives. 

TIME leads to EXPERIENCE…  Experience is that period in which we learn how to start to retain knowledge, make mistakes, and correct mistakes, a period of experimentation, trial, and error, of proving and proof. Personally living through observation and events as they occur, "in my experience," to have known through practice how something will turn out, as in a particular occupation, and becoming incredibly competent in that profession. 

EXPERIENCE leads to KNOWLEDGE…  Knowledge is the state of education in a specific area of understanding, information, facts, or a range of information. Everything that has been perceived or grasped by the mind, in learning and retaining, the retention of all of which have come before, via education, intelligence, and enlightenment of the subject at hand.

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